February 8

The best vodka 🍸 mixers to have on hand when you’re setting up a home bar 🎉

One of the most important beverages in every home bar is vodka. Vodka is still a popular choice even when you need to order after hours liquor delivery for a house party after hours. One of the reasons for its popularity is its adaptability. Vodka can be consumed neat, but it can also be blended with various other beverages (soda, juices, and so on) to create new flavors. So, if you’re stocking up your home bar and there’s vodka on the shelves, make sure you have the correct mixers on hand. Here are a few of the best vodka mixers for stocking your home bar in no particular order.

Juice of cranberries

While this combination may bring back college memories, it’s still an alcoholic match made in heaven. You may use the cranberry as a subtle complement to the vodka, or you can use it to entirely cover it up. It’s a fantastic mix, and a squeeze of lime adds even more zing!

Water with Soda

You get a mixer that doesn’t taste like anything when you use soda water, but adding vodka kicks it up a level. With a splash of lime, you can increase the ante on the flavor. This mixer is perfect for calm nights when you don’t want to become too buzzed but want to enjoy a delicious drink. For individuals watching their weight, soda vodka is a wonderful low-calorie option.

Drinking Energy

The best pick-me-up to get ready for a night out is a mix of coffee and alcohol. The relaxing elements of vodka are present in an energy drink like Red Bull, but you’re still energetic enough to have fun! It’s also a perfect pairing for a BBQ or a house party.


The beverage takes on a unique flavor when vodka and coke are combined. The mixture has a cocktail-like flavor, and if you prefer Long Island Ice Teas, this may be the perfect mixer for your home bar. It’s also an excellent drink to have during a home party since it keeps the party going all night!

Tonic Water is a kind of water that is used to

Most people dislike tonic water on its own, but it takes on a new and tasty personality when combined with vodka. Vodka tonics are a great drink to have on hand for a quiet night of conversation. However, it’s crucial to remember that, despite its seeming medicinal harshness, tonic water can contain a lot of sugar, so read the label before buying a bottle.

With these mixers, vodka generates the most delicious mixtures, and if you have them at home, you’ll be ready to have a good time at any moment! With Toronto’s newest after-hours booze delivery service, you can keep the party going!


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